About Me

!cid_C86D861D5DF444B58994AD3BA41A31F7@TomPCBorn in Los Angeles, I was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and grew to love the foggy summers and cool breezes that come with living near the Pacific Ocean. Although I always knew I wanted to be a writer, I hedged my bets by studying both English and journalism in college.

I started my writing career as a general assignment reporter for a group of local newspapers. I’ve since written articles for magazines, produced business newsletters, authored essays and books, and worked as an editor and freelance writer.

Currently, I live in in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and a couple of pets – an enormous long-haired black cat and an even bigger Sheltie dog. Our two grown sons, their wives and our granddaughter are my main focus when I’m not writing. Raising our boys was the biggest challenge of my life, and now that there’s a new generation in my family I’ve discovered that parenting is a job that never ends!

You can find out more about my work at: http://www.maureenmackey.com